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BTEA Continues to Promote Bahrain as an Exotic Wedding Destination
24 December, 2018
As a result of the continuous efforts by the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition Authority (BTEA) to promote the Kingdom of Bahrain as a destination for weddings and other happy occasions, the Kingdom of Bahrain hosted an exotic Indian wedding of the son of Indian businessman, Sushil Mantri, of Bangalore, from December 15 to December 17 2018, at the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay. The event attracted more than 800 guests who travelled on Bahrain's national carrier, Gulf Air, from various Indian cities, including Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai, and from other parts of the world.
The three-day wedding included a series of activities, the first of which was the arrival of the Bride and Groom in a traditional Bahraini environment and means of transportation; the Groom arrived on a purebred Arabian horse accompanied by traditional Indian music and dancers, while the Bride arrived to the scene of the wedding onboard a traditional boat at Bahrain Bay. After the ceremony, Bahrain’s skyline was adorned with a display of fireworks to celebrate the wedding and the Kingdom’s National holiday, commemorating the joy of both glorious occasions.
On the second day of the celebrations, the guests were invited to a traditional Souk (bazaar) that was hosted at the Hotel's large halls, allowing guests to witness traditional Bahraini craftsmen at work, manufacturing beautifully crafted products made of gold and pearls, traditional women’s and men’s clothing; and enjoy traditional sweets and beverages that were presented. To conclude the third and final day, a special social and sports program was organized at Bahrain International Circuit to enjoy karting as a final farewell.
Commenting on this occasion, Dr. Ali Hasan Follad, BTEA’s Adviser, said, "BTEA has played a pivotal role in planning and organizing this wedding, ensuring that the entire event ran smoothly from end to end. By coordinating with the authorities concerned, particularly, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Information, and other organisations such as Bahrain Airport Company; we worked together diligently as a single team to organize the event’s logistics and ensure the selection of appropriate locations. Further communications were also made with various suppliers and specialists, including Gulf Air among others. It is of note that all the decoration and designs were produced in the Kingdom of Bahrain and implemented by Bahraini wedding and event planners."

Dr. Follad added, "We are pleased to announce that we plan to host more prominent weddings this month, and over the course of the next four months, which will enhance Bahrain’s position as an ideal destination for weddings and other celebrations. The Kingdom of Bahrain boasts a sophisticated tourist sector, comprising 4-star and 5-star hotels catering to all tastes, offering a variety of upscale amenities in food, beverages and entertainment; and a vibrant tourism sector specialized in organizing wedding ceremonies and presenting unique wedding concepts."

This event is a result of BTEA’s continuous participation in exhibitions and conferences throughout the year, including its promotional campaigns in India to promote the Kingdom as an ideal wedding and event destination; in line with BTEA’s strategy to promote a wide and unique range of services powered by advanced tourism facilities, including international luxury hotels, wedding and event organizers, tourism and travel operators, event halls, and many more.