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Handicrafts Directorate Distributes Certificates to Teachers from the Ministry of Education
09 November, 2019
In line with its continuous efforts to preserve Bahrain’s traditional crafts and handicraft industries, the Handicrafts Directorate at Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA), distributed certificates to teachers from the Ministry of Education who took part in the ‘Wooden Ships’ workshop held at Al Jasrah Handicrafts Centre between the 6th and 24th of October.
The workshop was conducted by the instructors, Zuhair Abdul Ameer and Mohammed Ali and aimed to enhance the skills of 15 participants, focusing on the basic skills and techniques required to make wooden ships. New methods and techniques were also discussed, encouraging teachers to develop their creativity and inspire their students to practice this traditional Bahraini handicraft.
BTEA continues to launch initiatives that highlight the uniqueness of the Bahraini identity and beauty by showcasing its traditions including handicrafts and professions while acknowledging the value of Bahraini handicrafts both locally and internationally, in order to contribute towards the achievement of the Economic Vision 2030.